“On the day Orlando Zapata Tamayo would have turned 43 years old, a group of friends and relatives, led by his mother, visit the martyr’s tomb at [the Cuban town of] Banes cemetery to pay tribute.

Lady in White Reina Luisa Tamayo Dánger, told Radio Martí that although since Tuesday her home has been surrounded by castroite repressive forces that already had other hordes of people ready to attack them, they were able to reach the hollowed place and honor Zapata Tamayo.

The martyr’s mother explained that after leaving a cake and some hard candy [OZT’s favorite sweets] on a makeshift altar, they departed under the gaze of the guards and the alert mob that did not dare attack them.

Reina Luisa said that at the cemetery they prayed, sung the [Cuban] National Anthem, observed a minute of silence, she spoke a few words to those present, and then they returned to her residence."

Audio of the interview [in Spanish] at Radio Martí.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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