Eleven days have elapsed since the Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega Alamino, announced that negotiations were to begin between the Church and the Cuban regime on the fate of all political prisoners.

Nine days have passed since it was announced to The Ladies in White that a transfer to hospitals of The 26 gravely ill political prisoners was imminent.

One hundred days since Guillermo Fariñas initiated a hunger strike for the liberation of The 26.

Eleven days have gone by since authorities at the penal camp in a remote region of Villa Clara, told Silvia Aguado, the wife of political prisoner Antonio Villarreal that they would transfer her husband to a mental health facility to receive the treatment he needs.

Eight days have elapsed since Silvia Aguado saw her husband wasting away under a tree at the same penal camp.

One day since the Ladies in White denounced that despite all promises to the Church, the regime has not taken any real steps to improve the conditions of any political prisoners.

One hundred and one days since Orlando Zapata Tamayo died in a hunger strike demanding the release of The 26.

Ninety-six days since we launched #OZT I Accuse the Cuban government and signatures in support of the release of all Cuban political prisoners started to pour from all over the world, including Cuba.

We are counting every second that passes while the regime refuses to accept the demands of thousands around the world, and in Cuba, to release all Cuban political prisoners immediately and unconditionally.

We hold the regime responsible for the further deterioration in the health of any political prisoner caused by the terrible and inhumane conditions in which they are kept, and the torture and abuse by the regime’s henchmen.

We will not stop demanding the release of all Cuban political prisoners until this is achieved.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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