The wife of Cuban doctor Darsi Ferrer, Yusnaimi Jorge Soca, denounced that the opposition activist continues to be arbitrarily kept in Valle Grande prison for political reasons for more than ten months without a trial.

The Cuban regime accuses Ferrer of illegally buying two sacks of cement. However, after almost a year of internment, they have not formally charged him nor brought him to trial.

Amnesty International has denounced Ferrer’s case, and demanded that, as a prisoner of conscience, the doctor is freed immediately.

Ferrer initiated a hunger strike on March 20th, demanding stomatological attention and his right to due process. On April 12th, he abandoned his protest after Cuba’s General Prosecutor’s Office assured him that he would be brought to trial and seen by a dentist. A month later, Ferrer is still awaiting said trial.

(More information [in Spanish] at Radio Martí)

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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