Radio Martí reports that “Reina Luisa Tamayo Dánger, the mother of [late] political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo, refused to accept the alleged verbal explanation from the Cuban authorities about the circumstances surrounding her son’s death on February 23rd [of this year] after an 85-day long hunger strike.

The Lady in White continues to demand from Raúl Castro’s government a death certificate and the exhumation of Zapata’s mortal remains to know the real cause of the Cuban dissident’s death.

‘I will continue to state that they have denied me that document and that they must recognize that my son was murdered by the Castro brothers and all their henchmen’ remarked Reyna Luisa on the phone with Radio Martí.

Orlando Zapata’s mother told [the radio station] that plain cloth government agents and a doctor came to her house and told her that they cannot issue any document.

According to the Lady in White, the authorities again said that her son died because of a generalized multiple-organ infection. ‘But, why were Zapata’s organs damaged?’ she asked. Then she showed them the blood stained t-shirt that belonged to Zapata in prison. She told the agents and the doctor that they [the penal authorities] kept Orlando without water for 18 days in prison. ‘The doctor had to bow his head [in shame]. He acknowledged all the truths I told him’ said Reina Luisa.

(Source in Spanish: Radio Martí)

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