Havana, Cuba, May 12th, 2010 (Damián Sánchez Sáenz, Buró Información Comisión Martiana / www.cubanet.org) On May 8th, Lilvio Fernández Luis, leader of the opposition organization Juventud Activa Cuba Unida (JACU) [United Active Cuban Youth], embarked on a 4 hour trip from the [Cuban] capital to the Canaleta Prison, in the municipality of Perico, Matanzas province, to visit political prisoner Arnaldo Herrera Campoalegre. When he arrived, the authorities told him that, by orders of Security of State, he could not see the inmate.

Opposition activist Reynier Vera Martínez, who was allowed to visit, was warned by “re-educator” Ronal Marrero López that he could not take out any document given to him by Arnaldo.

The opposition activist reported that Herrera Campoalegre was sent to the hospital after conducting a hunger strike demanding medical attention. They performed X-rays on him, and found three broken ribs as consequence of a fall.

“They will not let him receive any medicines. Now, they forbid me from seeing him. Arnaldo has been the victim of multiple assaults during the eight months he has been in prison” stated Lilvio Fernández Luis who waited in vain for more than two hours to speak with the Chief of Internal Order [of the prison], [an individual] with the last name of Prieto.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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