One of the members of the #OZT Campaign has just spoken to Reyna Luisa Tamayo, the mother of the late Orlando Zapata Tamayo. She reports that the Cuban police have a siege on her house since this morning, to prevent her from receiving visitors.

Ms. Tamayo decided to go to the cemetery to paint the tombstone of her Orlando, whose birthday would have been on May 15th. When she arrived there, she found five members of the political police (some in plain clothes, some in uniform) who were erasing her son’s name from his tomb (probably so that she couldn’t find him). She reported that the police have set up a sentry post by a pine tree in the cemetery with round the clock surveillance.

During the conversation, it was heard how Ms. Tamayo was telling them that she would not allow anyone under the command of the Castro brothers to touch her and she accused the Cuban dictatorship and its dictators by name.

Ms. Tamayo had already reported this siege on her Twitter account.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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