The negotiation of Cardinal Ortega has succeeded in Havana, where Ladies in White walked today, but has not come to Holguin. Reyna Luisa Tamayo continues to face harassment from the regime, even to leave out of her house to go to church or the cemetery.

The website of the Ladies in White reports that proponents of the system prevented Reyna Luisa Tamayo Danger from assisting to mass today at the church of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, in the municipality of Banes, home to the lady in white.

“They don’t let me go out, I cannot go to church, they don’t let me go to the cemetery to offer some flowers to my son,” said the mother of the deceased prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

“I do not bow down to anyone, I'm denouncing that my son was left to die, not given water, they [the Cuban government] beat him in jail,” she added.

Security agents of the State are leading the protest, which started from the early hours of Sunday.

To listen the audio report on Reyna’s voice (in Spanish) click here.

Threats to the family

Another son of Reyna Luisa, José Luis Ortiz Tamayo, and his wife were called the past Friday to a meeting to threaten them and to prohibit them to take their 11 year old daughter with them to Sunday’s mass, reported to Radio Martí the independent journalist Mildred Noemí Sánchez Infante.

In the meeting, in which had been present, among others, the director of the school to which the young girl goes, and the Captain Juan Carlos Escalona, Social Worker Prevention officer, Ortiz Tamayo defended the religious liberty of his daughter and assured that she will continue attending the religious worships. The little girl has been a victim of the mobs that organizes the state against the Tamayo family in front of their house, and on the way out of the church.

Here is the audio (in Spanish) with Sánchez Infante’s report.

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