Urgent Plea
By Miguel Sigler Amaya (brother of political prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya)
Miami, FL, Friday April 30th, 2010- The health of prisoner of conscience Ariel Sigler Amaya has worsen within the last [few] hours due to [problems with] his blood pressure. A fatal outcome is feared if Ariel is not urgently transferred to any hospital that is not inside Cuba to try to save his life since he has been suffering for almost two years from multiple illnesses, all of which were acquired in different hospitals while in prison. Cuban authorities have knowledge of this case, but for political reasons and as revenge against the Sigler Amaya family, don’t respond in any way.

The United States Department of State, according to Andrea Rodriguez in Washington DC, and who is personally in charge of Ariel’s case, has approved a Humanitarian Parole with a National Interest Waiver to enter the US. According to Andrea, this is a special permit issued by the USA once a year and only to more or less ten people. The visa is already at the US Section of Interests in Havana. The USDS has reached out three times to the Cuban chancellery [Ministry of Foreign Relations] and has received no answer. The next step will be to present the chancellery with an official written document requesting [Cuba’s official] authorization so that Ariel can travel to the US to attempt to save his life.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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