Numerous news agencies, newspapers and other media, report this morning on the Cuban regime's latest assault on the rights on the Ladies in White.

UPI: Cuba clamps down on 'Ladies in White'

"For the second consecutive week, Cuban security agents Sunday surrounded nine women and prevented them from marching after a church service in Havana, group member Alejandrina Garcia said."

The New York Times through Reuters: Cuba Clamps Down on 'Ladies In White' Protest

""We are not going to stop until you give us an order in writing that we need a permit," leader Laura Pollan told authorities before the crowd set in.

The women linked arms, held up flowers and stood mostly silent under the verbal abuse from government supporters.

The incident ended when state security agents forced the white-clad dissidents into a bus and whisked them away. They were driven to their homes.

Three of the nine women were helped from the crowd earlier when they grew faint after standing for so long under the warm sun and the hot breath of 100 chanting government supporters. "

The Miami Herald: Cuban security agents again halt march by Ladies in White

"A security agent told the women they could not march because they lacked a permit, but the women remained standing just outside the church for about three hours, García added.

``We staged an act of civil resistance,'' she said. Three of the women began to feel sick under the hot sun and went to a nearby hospital before the standoff ended, she added.

``At the end, the security agents and the mob were suffering from the sun as much as us, so they flagged down a city bus and forced us aboard in a harsh way, with pushes,'' García said.

The pro-government civilians shouted insults at the women, who answered with shouts of ``freedom,'' said García. The buses took them to the home of the group's spokeswoman, Laura Pollán."

Radio Netherlands: Cuba blocks Ladies in White march

"When the women showed up at their traditional gathering point at the Santa Rita Catholic Church in Havana's Miramar district on Sunday they were told they could not hold their march without a permit. The women were jeered and shouted at by government supporters for more than two hours before they were taken away in minivans."

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