Recently released independent journalist, Oscar Sánchez Madam, described his three year long experience in a Cuban jail under charges of "dangerousness" to José Barbeito of the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ).

“I don’t wish on anybody the dreadful experience I had in prison.” he told Barbeito. He went on to describe the deplorable conditions in which he had to survive during that time, including the filthy conditions and lack of water (“Detainees, including me, were diagnosed many times with severe, chronic diarrhea and parasites.”) in the small cell he had to share "with people who had convictions of 15 or 18 years on charges of murder or other serious, violent crimes.”

He explained how those people beat and harassed political prisoners on a regular basis by command of the penal authorities. He himself was beaten and harassed several times.

However, he remains committed to continue reporting on human rights abuses and the corruption of the Cuban regime: “I would prefer to continue reporting and writing about current affairs on the island, including human rights violations by the Cuban government,”

More details at the link.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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