Guillermo Fariñas declined to abandon his 64 day long hunger strike. The Cuban dissident the Plea from the Nation that was sent to him yesterday stating that he must maintain “the pressure on the [Cuban] government.”

“We […] assume the responsibility of coming to you once more to urge you to end your hunger strike.” 88 dissidents told Fariñas in the document that was delivered to him in the Santa Clara hospital where he is interned since March 11th. It was also forwarded to the international press corps, according to Agence France Press (AFP).

“They ask me to head a project to request amnesty for the political prisoners, but I declined because it is an non-viable project” stated Fariñas from the hospital.

The 48 year old psychologist remarked that “at this moment, the international public opinion is centered on what’s happening in Cuba regarding human rights” and “it isn’t the time to lift the pressure from the government” but “to intensify it.”

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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