May 9, 2010. The “#OZT: I accuse the Cuban government” campaign denounces that its website, created to collect signatures on the Internet, might have been blocked by the Castro regime in public points of Internet access, according to reports from independent bloggers in the island who have tried unsuccessfully to open the campaign’s website.

The reports state that at certain specific hotels in the center of Havana that are administered by Spanish companies, such as Meliá Cohiba and the Parque Central (operated by NH Hoteles), the web page through which people can add their signature to demand the release of Cuban political prisoners is blocked.

Until now, the campaign has managed to gather more than 47,000 signatures, including those of very prominent figures in the political, cultural and social spheres from Europe, Latin America and United States.

We, the #OZT Campaign, firmly believe that the Cuban regime is behind these technical measures to deny more voices from the within the island the opportunity to sign a document that demands the immediate and unconditional release of Cuban political prisoners. The Cuban telephone company ETECSA, a mixed capital corporation that involves the Cuban regime and Italian company Telecom Italia, is responsible for blocking the website, and this affects some independent Cuban blogs as well.

Currently, we are coordinating delivery of the signatures, both on the island and abroad. In future press releases, we will give more details on these deliveries.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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