Cuban blogger and independent journalist, Dania Virgen García was released from prison, pending an upcoming judicial process. Marc Masferrer has more details on his blog.

The Ladies in Support to the Ladies in White were verbally warned against marching (according to Radio Martí, in this Spanish language piece) with the latter on Saturday, but then ultimately allowed to march on Sunday as reported by Yoani Sánchez via Twitter. The Ladies in White also stated that they hope some prisoners will be freed during or after the Vatican’s foreign minister’s visit to Cuba next month.

Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s mother, Lady in White Reina Luisa Tamayo, joined Twitter on Saturday, and already has gathered more than 440 followers.

The platform “Cuba Democracia Ya!” organized in Madrid (Spain) an act of solidarity with the Ladies in White and for the liberation of all Cuban political prisoners in the island.. It was scheduled to coincide with Mother’s Day celebrations in most countries of the Western Hemisphere, including Cuba.

Misceláneas de Cuba reported (in Spanish) that there is a growing sense of alarm among the doctors who care for opposition activist Guillermo Fariñas as his health continues to deteriorate. Guillermo is on his 75th day (today) of a hunger strike he initiated on February 24th, 2010.