Diario de Cuba informs (in Spanish) that “two members of the Catholic Church’s hierarchy in Cuba paid a visit to Guillermo Fariñas at the intensive care unit of Arnaldo Milián Castro Hospital in Santa Clara, where the dissident is on hunger.

According to Fariñas, the visitors were Monsignor José Félix Viera, Assistant Secretary of the Cuban Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops (COCC, in Spanish) and Monsignor Ramon Suárez, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Havana, Radio Martí reported.

'They came to know to what limit I am taking this hunger strike. I told them that ['I will take it'] to the ultimate consequences' stated Fariñas who initiated his hunger strike on February 24th, demanding the liberation of 26 [gravely] ill political prisoners. The dissident has been hospitalized since March 11th, and receives medication and nutrition intravenously.

Fariñas reported that the priests suggested possible steps the Church could take to prevent his death, and to mediate in his conflict with the government.

'I told them that […] my motive is the liberation of the political prisoners, above all else,' remarked the dissident. He added that the priests understood his petition, and stated that it coincides with that of the Church."

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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