In an article titled Molina stands by ‘my truth’ about Cuba the Buenos Aires Herald's Michael Soltys, chronicles the presentation by Dr. Hilda Molina of a book, Antes que amanezca y otros relatos (Before Day Comes and Other Tales) written by Cuban former political prisoner Jorge Olivera Castillo.

Dr. Molina, a Cuban opposition leader who after rising to prominence in Cuba, founding and directing the International Center for Neuro-transplant and Neurological Restoration in 1987, was a member of the Cuban "parliament" (National Assembly of Popular Power) broke with the regime in 1994, and was allowed to leave the island for Argentina last year after years of battling with the Cuban dictatorship; was the victim of pogrom-like “acts of repudiation” at the presentation of her own book, Mi Verdad (My Truth) last month in Buenos Aires.

During the presentation of Olivera’s book, the article tells us that she described how "this 'very Cuban' writer once believed in a revolution two years older than himself to the extent of going to fight in Angola ‘exporting subversion’ — brainwashed but essentially human. Much like the neurosurgeon Molina, Olivera started to dissent from Fidel Castro’s ‘Stalinist’ regime in 1993 with metaphor as his chosen vehicle, as in the 15 short stories of the book presented yesterday.” She remarked that “these metaphors describe the existential anguish of a people compelled to live a lie for over 50 years — the hunger and the lack of even water which forces people to rob for the black market, even dead bodies. The regime of the Castro brothers has caused a ‘genocide of the family’ via intense militarization but also a homophobic hell for Cuban gays, constantly exposed to blackmail and driven to suicide.”

The article also carries the words of Argentinean politician Martín Borrelli and Chilean Christian Democrat Senator Patricio Walker.

Borrelli pondered why the “[Argentinean] May Revolution whose Bicentennial is justifiably being celebrated, [it is so by comparing it] now [to] the wrong kind of revolution in Cuba, saluting the memory of hunger strike martyrs Pedro Luis Boitel and Orlando Zapata Tamayo. He also stressed the threat of Venezuela, where Cuban military training is now underway, and pointed out that the fuel sale scandals now being probed helped to finance the pickets who disrupted Molina’s book presentation, among other things.”

Walker offered his advise on a future Cuban transition to democracy based on his personal experiences with Chile’s own transition from tyranny in 1990.

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