Through the afternoon and evening of yesterday, Tuesday 1 June 2010, several media outlets, Cuban bloggers and others reported on the expected transfer of some political prisoners to their provinces of residence. We have now obtained a press release from the Archdiocese of La Habana that confirms it. Please note that this is our translation. The original in Spanish can be found here.

Archdiocese of La Habana
Press Release

During the afternoon of today Tuesday 1 June 2010, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop of La Habana, has been informed by the authorities that they have proceeded with the transfer of six (6) [political] prisoners to their provinces of origin. The transferred are:

1- FÉLIX NAVARRO RODRÍGUEZ, from Ciego de Ávila to Matanzas
2- JOSÉ LUIS GARCÍA PANEQUE, from Granma to Las Tunas
3- IVÁN ADOLFO HERNÁNEZ CARRILLO, from Villa Clara to Matanzas
4- DIOSDADO GONZÁLEZ MARRERO, from Pinar del Río to Matanzas
5- ARNALDO RAMOS LAUZURIQUE, from Sancti Spíritus to Ciudad de La Habana
6- ANTONIO RAMÓN DÍAZ SÁNCHEZ, from Ciego de Ávila to Ciudad de La Habana
Given all the speculations generated around this process during the past few days, I would like to state that all reliable information on this matter will be either generated or confirmed exclusively by sources within the Archdiocese of La Habana

Orlando Márquez Hidalgo [Media Relations Director for the Archdiocese of La Habana]

La Habana , 1 de junio de 2010

We welcome this move as a positive development although our objective continues to be the immediate and unconditional release of ALL Cuban political prisoners.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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