Our campaign has learned via telephone from Licet Zamora, of Guillermo Fariñas’ spokesperson, that his has taken another turn for the worse, and his closest supporters and relatives spent the night at the hospital “expecting the worst.” “His situation is very critical, [we] the members of his team have spent the night in the lobby of the hospital, and his mother is very worried,” stated Zamora to one of the members of our team.

His body suffers from “an inflammation” that began yesterday. He is suffering from aches on his neck and joints, and his body temperature goes through sudden dramatic changes from 41⁰ C (105⁰ F) to 35⁰ C (95⁰ F). According to Zamora, the doctors are keeping a “reserved prognosis” for Fariñas. They are talking of a “situation” with his liver, which comes to complicate even more his already critical state.

It seems that most of his problems originate with his malfunctioning gallbladder. To alleviate the situation, he is “being given some powders [enzymatic compounds] that should be dissolved in water” to drink, but since he is in a hunger and thirst strike, he ingests them dry. This situation “would require surgery, but doctors consider it not possible, since given his weakness he would not [survive] general anesthesia.”

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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