Marc Masferrer has received a letter from political prisoner Dr. Darsi Ferrer which he published in his blog , and we reproduce here.

I have been in prison for more than ten months due to my opposition activities, and I do not regret my current situation. On the contrary, from prison I have kept up the fight for a free Cuban nation and to put an end to the ignorance forced upon the people by the regime of the Castro brothers.

In prison I have endured beatings, confinement to punishment cells, deplorable conditions, discrimination, and the assaults and threats of the military personnel; aside from the consequences of three hunger strikes that have further broken my health.

None of this is as painful as knowing the misery and lack of resources that my wife, Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, endures. And now, with the added responsibility of caring for herself and our little eight year old son, as well as maintaining our home, and providing some minimum care for me while I am in prison.

There are enough TV, radio and print reports that show the courage and tenacity of Yusnaimy in her struggle for the freedom of the Cuban people. In many occasions she has suffered beatings, arrests, and her work and testimony help disseminate the truth about Cuba around the world.

Our little Daniel shows multiple psychological traumas as the results of the many acts of repudiation and other injustices exerted upon us by Security of State in his presence.

That my wife and child are forced to go to bed without eating for lack of elementary resources to their subsistence, is a reality I never thought I would have to add to the calamity of my confinement.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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