Radio Martí informs [in Spanish] that Diosdado González Marrero, one of the six political prisoners recently transferred to their provinces of residence, has been placed in confinement at the new penal facility. Diosdado was transferred from the province of Pinar del Río to the province of Matanzas after the mediation of the Cuban Catholic Church hierarchy with the Cuban regime

Alejandrina García, Diosdado’s wife, told Radio Martí that the prison warden, Major Emilio Cruz summoned her to the jail to inform her that her husband had been placed in isolation because he refuses to dress in the same uniform of the common prisoners. He told her that she and her son had to plead with her husband so that he would wear the uniform

The Lady in White told Major Cruz that her husband had refused to wear the common prisoners’ uniform since 2003, and that she would not plead with him. The warden then refused to let her see her husband, and informed her than from now on, she could only see him every three months.

More in Spanish, including audio, at the link.

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