We update this post to remind you that today, Dr. Ferrer is to stand trial in La Habana, on trumpted up charges (supposed illegal possession of construction materials: two sacks of cement). Dr Ferrer's trial comes after a year in which he was held in terrible condiions without being tried.  In reality, we know that the regime is trying to silence yet another critical voice who has raised up and asked for change and freedom.

More background, coverage and updates, at Marc Masferrer's Uncommon Sense blog.

We reproduce Marc's letter to the Cuban government on behalf of Dr. Ferrer.

Dear Sir:

My name is Marc R. Masferrer. I am a journalist and blogger. I am an American. And I am Cuban.

I am writing to inform you that with the knowledge and experience that comes with being all of the above, I will be watching closely on Tuesday as your government takes to trial Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez.

I know that Dr. Ferrer is innocent of the pending charges, and that the proceedings today will be nothing but a farce. I know this, and so does anyone in the world with a reasonable assessment of your government and what it has done to Cuba for more than 51 years.

I know that Dr. Ferrer is being prosecuted and persecuted solely because of his advocacy for a free and democratic Cuba, a Cuba that Fidel Castro promised before he took power in 1959, a Cuba that he, his government and the communist party have betrayed for more than 51 years.

I know that any libels or slanders launched by the regime and its agents against Dr. Ferrer are nothing but lies.

You may choose to ignore to what I have written; you may not even open this e-mail.

Just know I will be watching. And as I have done for almost 5 years on my blog, I will be holding you and your government to account what it does on Tuesday to Dr. Ferrer. And so will many others around the world.

You may silence Dr. Ferrer, if only temporarily. But you will never silence me and others around the world who admire and support this brave man.

Just know, you will not get away with what you are about to do to Dr. Ferrer.

Still, there is time to save yourself embarrassment and to do the right thing:



Marc R. Masferrer

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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