Latest developments.

- In the past week, the regime has transferred six prisoners of conscience to penal facilities close to their places of residence. Their names are:

• Héctor Maceda
• Juan Adolfo Fernández Sainz
• Omar Ruiz Hernández
• Efren Fernández Fernández
• Jésus Mustafá Felipe
• Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta

- Political prisoner Egberto Escobedo continued his hunger strike, and rejected what he called “attempts at blackmail” by the regime.

- It was announced that political prisoner Dr. Darsi Ferrer will stand trial on 22 June 2010. Dr. Ferrer has been imprisoned without trial for almost a year.

- Several world renowned personalities, including Uruguay’s ex-president Jorge Batlle [note in Spanish], have joined their voices to ours demanding the release of all Cuban political prisoners, and respect for human rights in the island.

- The most important development has been the liberation of gravelly ill political prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya. His visible physical deterioration, his tales of abuse and neglect by the regime, and most important his determination to continue the fight for the liberation of all Cuban political prisoners, and for Cuba’s freedom, have been extensively documented in the past few days, and have added to his image as a hero of Cuban resistance against the bloody, criminal and illegitimate regime that subjugates the country.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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