Spanish newspaper El País details Coco's current condition as described to them by Licet Zamora and Clara Pérez, spokesperson and wife of the opposition activist respectively.

Although conscious, Fariñas is suffering from an acute bacterial infection that is causing extremely high fevers (104º F or 40º C). He's also suffering from generalized malaise, weakness and can barely speak. Doctors at the Intensive Care Unit where he has been for more than three months now, were forced to retrieve the catheter they were using to administer fluids and some nutrients into his body.

Both Zamora and Pérez, stated that Fariñas is steadfast on his resolution to maintain the hunger strike. Zamora also added that when asked about the recent transfer of six prisoners to penal facilities in their provinces of residence, Fariñas stated that "it was a step forward, but not what he demands" and that "if the government wants to save Fariñas's life, it has to grant parole to at least 10 or 12 political prisoners who are sick. "

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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