Spanish news agency, Europa Press, interviewed Cuban opposition activist Guillermo del Sol this morning. He stated that he will take over Guillermo Fariñas’ place in his prolonged hunger strike if the latter dies.

“If I have to retake on my hunger strike, I am ready to go to the death, and thus continue the struggle of Guillermo Fariñas and Orlando Zapata Tamayo” remarked Del Sol. “It is not a capricious personal [thing], the release of those political prisoners who are ill is a just and dignified demand” he added.

He also asked the international community for help: “I want to ask the international community, especially those persons and governments that have shown [us] their good will, to hold the Cuban dictatorship accountable. It is time to clamor for Fariñas. The EU and those wonderful countries that form it, like Spain, can help a lot on this issue.”

You can read the rest of the interview [in Spanish] at the link.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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