Independent press agency Hablemos Press informs [in Spanish] that dozens of opposition and human rights activists were arrested by police in Cuba this Tuesday after honoring the victims of the tugboat 13 de Marzo.

Arrests began in the [Cuban] capital at noon on Tuesday when a group of 30 people, convened at the city’s seawall (el Malecón) by Liga Cívica Martiana (Josè Martí Civic League) and other dissident movements, performed a public protest.

Opposition activists denounced the detentions and called them “arbitrary.” Many of them reported to this agency about their situations and the conditions of their arrests from inside police stations via telephone.

Among those arrested are Julián Guerra Deriet, Oscar Sierra Hernández, Flores Borroto, Niurka Caridad Ortega, Ernesto Rodríguez López, Carmelo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Raúl Parada Ramírez, Humberto Martínez Almeida, Hermógenes Inocencio Guerrero, Julio César Jorrín, Juana María Oquendo Gómez, Joel Lázaro Carbonel Aguilar, María Nélida López Báez, Manuel Morejón Soler, Luis Roberto Arcia Rodríguez and María Elena Mir Marrero in La Habana; Hugo Prieto Quevedo, Yosvanis Alonso Brito, Denis Díaz González and Nilo Justino Padrón in Pinar del Río and Rogelio Tabio López in Guantánamo.

Jorge Corrales Ceballo, independent journalist in Guantánamo and Luis Felipe Rojas, poet and journalist in Holguín, were placed under house arrest, and kept under tight surveillance by agents of the political police. In Santiago de Cuba, there were arrests, but the names [of those arrested] could not be confirmed.

Some of those arrested were released at night, after being issued warnings.

The tugboat 13 de Marzo was sunk a few miles off La Habana’s seawall (Malecón) by two other vessels under government orders on 13 July 1994. Forty-one persons died in the, among them 11 children who [were trying to escape Cuba].

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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