Yesterday, Reina Luisa Tamayo, and a group of other opposition activists were surrounded by a government-stirred mob at the residence of Marta Díaz Rendón, as stated by the former to our campaign via telephone while the events were unfolding. “We have an aggressive mob surrounding us. They want to end Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s family, but we [would first] die [being] dragged, [but] not on our knees. Down with the Castro [brothers]!”

Reina explained that the day before yesterday, the authorities had already tried to intimidate her. “Yesterday [Friday] Major Roilán [of Security of State] came to my house to threaten me [saying that] I could not come out of my house to go to church, and now, we are under siege at the house of our sister Díaz Rendón.”

“We have come in a group of five to her house so that she can come with us to church with us tomorrow [today Sunday] to participate in the Mass. We have tried to come out with her, but they are surrounding us.”

The mother of Orlando Zapata also denounced that one of her sons, named Israel, was detained, and attacked by the police. She also stated that her family is afraid of seeking medical attention because “they [the government] do not have anyone else to attack us, so now they are using healthcare personnel.”

Reina Luisa wished “success and recovery” to all the brothers who are being released from prison and to those who were in hunger strike, like Guillermo Fariñas, and reiterated her compromise with the democratic ideals for which her son died.

UPDATED: We have learned through exiled activist Katy Arboleya that Reina Luisa was prevented by the Castroite mobs from attending Mass this morning. We will continue to monitor and report on her situation.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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