Euronews reports that Guillermo Fariñas has "has promised to resume his hunger strike if the government does not fulfil its pledge to free 52 political prisoners."

It came as the Catholic church announced five dissident’s would soon be freed and allowed to go to Spain. Despite that a weak and bedridden Farinas wrote a letter declaring his intentions.

Speaking on behalf of Farinas, dissident Hector Palacios said: "I (Fariñas) will recommence my hunger and thirst strike if what has been agreed does not take place. If what has been agreed happens then there is no need to continue this protest."

Farinas stopped eating and drinking in February after the death of prisoner Orlando Zapata.

A wife of one jailed dissident said: "This act of Farinas, together with the hunger strike and death of Zapata, and all the repression suffered by the ‘[Ladies] in White’ has made the world suffer and has forced the government to free our family members from jail."

More, including video at the link above.

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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