Informs his brother, Miguel Sigler Amaya, in a note circulated [in Spanish] on Facebook. This is our translation:

During the afternoon of yesterday 14 July 2010, Ariel Sigler Amaya, and some of his relatives arrived at the [provincial] Immigration offices in the Cuban province of Matanzas, to obtain his “White Card” (Carta Blanca) or Permit to Leave the Country [which is required to leave Cuba in all cases]. They were received by an officer of the Ministry of Interior* named Mercedes who told them that it wasn’t yet the time to give them said document, and that he must wait.

This reply from the functionary aroused a protest from Ariel and his relatives which [in turn] caused a serious incident. Ariel Sigler displayed a sign that read “I AM DYING, [AND] SECURITY OF STATE DENIES MY PERMIT TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY.”

Several officers surrounded Ariel Sigler, and there were shoves and pushes, as well as shouts again the Castroite dictatorship. A few minutes later, a Security of State Lieutenant Colonel [whose last name is] Barreto, appeared and in a rude and aggressive fashion told them that this issue would be solved by Monday 19 July.

The entire Sigler Amaya family, including all the women and even the [gravely] ill Ariel Sigler as well as his wife, decided that if on Monday 19 July they have not yet received the Permit; they will start a hunger strike in a public place, and hold Security of State responsible for the outcome.

This delay by the Castroite dictatorship in issuing the Permit to Leave the Country to the gravely ill Ariel Sigler Amaya, who has a US government issued humanitarian visa because of his [multiple] illness[es]; contrasts [negatively] with the expedited manner in which several political prisoners have been exiled to Spain and to whom the regime has issued their travel papers in just three days.

* In charge, among other things of security, immigration and repression

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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