All of the 52 political prisoners that Cuba’s regime has promised to release within the next four months, will travel to Spain, said Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, to journalists before boarding a plane in La Habana back to Madrid.

Still unknown are the identities of the first five prisoners of conscience that will board a plane bound for Spain. Moratinos explained that the Archdiocese of La Habana will be “in charge of selecting them”, according to the conditions of their health, and their “wishes to travel to Spain.”

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that Cuban authorities have promised that the personal belongings and properties of those who travel to Spain will not be confiscated, and that their relatives will be able to return whenever they wish. “It [has not been] ruled out that [the political prisoners] can [return] although they would need a permit” published [in Spanish] the Spanish newspaper El País.

There are no doubts about the Black Spring prisoners

Mr. Moratinos, is now convinced that there are no more excuses to modify the EU Common Position on Cuba, and that Raúl Castro is willing to release all political prisoners on whose actual number there is no consensus, but that the internal opposition says amounts to 167. That is why he decided to advocate for the release of those prisoners sent to jail during Cuba’s Black Spring in 2003 whose nature as political prisoners “is uncontestable by all parties.”

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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