Europa Press states in a note [in Spanish] that the Catholic Church in Cuba has revealed the names of the first five political prisoners to be released and exiled to Spain by the Cuban regime.

The names are:

  • Antonio Villarreal Acosta
  • Lester González Pentón
  • Luis Milán Fernández
  • José Luis García Paneque
  • Pablo Pacheco Ávila.

Also, on a press release [in Spanish as well], the Archdiocese of La Habana, reveals the names of the six prisoners that will be transferred to penal facilities closer to their places of residence. The names and places of trasnfer are:

  • Nelson Molinet Espino, from Pinar del Río to Ciudad de La Habana
  • Claro Sánchez Altarriba, from Camagüey to Santiago de Cuba
  • José Daniel Ferrer García, from Las Tunas to Santiago de Cuba
  • Marcelo Manuel Cano Rodríguez, from Cienfuegos to Ciudad de La Habana
  • Angel Juan Moya Acosta, from Ciudad de La Habana to Matanzas
  • Luis Enrique Ferrer García, from Santiago de Cuba to Las Tunas

for the freedom of all cuban political prisoners
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